Subset enrichment

One of the most basic aspects of linguistic analysis is creating functional subsets of linguistic units. In phonology, for instance, this would be creating classes like syllabic or coronal. For words, this might be classes like content vs functional, or something more fine-grained like noun, adjective, verb, etc. At the core of these analyses is the idea that we treat some subset of linguistic units separately from others. In PolyglotDB, subsets are a fairly broad and general concept and can be applied to both linguistic types (i.e., phones or words in a lexicon) or to tokens (i.e., actual productions in a discourse).

For instance, if we wanted to create a subset of phone types that are syllabic, we can run the following code:

syllabics = ['aa', 'ih']

with CorpusContext('corpus') as c:
    c.encode_type_subset('phone', syllabics, 'syllabic')

This type subset can then be used as in Creating syllable units, or for the queries in Subsetting annotations.

Token subsets can also be created, see Enrichment via queries.